Our Mission

To support mental health through music, the arts & holistic recovery programs.

Our Vision

To ignite the power of healing by using music & the arts as a platform to communicate to the masses a powerful message of strength and hope. To break the stigma around mental health and open up conversations that focus on solutions. To raise mental health awareness and encourage those who are struggling to reach for help.

Our Values


We embody trust & honesty.

Inspiring Hope

We recover in order to help others recover.


We set aside our preconceived notions and approach each opportunity with honesty, willingness and a desire to help. We are approachable, actively listen and encourage others to contribute and speak up.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect and appreciate differences in age, gender, orientation, ethnicity, education, ability, race, and religion among individuals.


We honor the willingness of individuals and organizations to share their lived experience, strength and hope despite the possibility of negative consequences or fear.