About Us

The Drive Foundation is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to helping people recovering from or currently battling mental illness and addiction issues. Offering assistance to those working through their recovery to regain stability, purpose, and acceptance, we hope to erase stigma through applied programs.

Founded by singer/songwriter Michelle Titian, producer Steve Brown and entertainment manager Michael Loveless. Steve and Michael were inspired by Michelle’s story of struggle and recovery captured in her song “Drive”. Together they set out to promote the therapeutic benefits of the arts in the recovery process by establishing a series of programs that offer platforms to highlight the work of artists in recovery through promotions, media, and publishing designed to bring opportunities to talented individuals.

DRIVE Documentary

The inspiration for the DRIVE Foundation came from the story of founder Michelle Titian. Her struggle, recovery and the roles music and songwriting had in her story are documented in DRIVE.

Through a 12-step program, Michelle Titian has been sober since March 10th, 2014. Motivated to write music again she wrote the song “DRIVE”, a powerful song about her recovery. DRIVE evolved into a documentary the screening of which is intended to spread a message of inspiration and hope. Produced by YESTV’s David Fardell & Gavin Powell, DRIVE features Michelle speaking openly and honestly about her struggles with alcohol abuse and depression. Michelle shares her story working to dismantle the social stigmas around the realities of living a life consumed with addiction and psychological turmoil.

The Founders

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