About Us

Making differences in the lives of people suffering from mental illness and addiction

Who We Are

The Drive Foundation is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to helping all people, young and old who are recovering from and currently battling with mental illness and addiction. Our registered programs are crafted with absolute intention and purpose by Michelle and the team. While directly connecting with and acknowledging the struggles of mental health and addiction, the programs are dedicated to raising financial and community resources that will be used to help those working through their recovery to regain stability, purpose, and acceptance in this lifetime.


The Drive Foundation’s mission is to employ music, the arts, and technology in its programs to accelerate the world’s transition to removing the stigma from mental illness and addiction and taking a holistic approach to the provision of care and prevention.

What We Do

Intentionally curated and planned programs that demonstrate the powerful healing effects of both the practice of and self-immersion into cultural arts from all disciplines. Those who struggle learn to recognize and accept their individual journey, and are connected with others who can offer the right support to keep them headed in the right direction on their path to recovery. The Drive Foundation programs are created by Michelle and team to inspire those who are suffering to let go of judgement and shame and reach for help.

Please follow these links to learn more about our programs:

  • driveMEDIA; employing media and cultural arts for therapeutic programs and as a publicity and promotions vehicle to raise awareness and donations to help people with mental illness and addiction (learn more)
  • driveAID; a virtual crisis resources assistant (learn more)
  • driveACADEMY; providing financial support for education for people in recovery from addiction (learn more)