Kayleigh Lebak is a graphic designer and illustrator with nearly two decades’ experience.  American by birth and international by choice, she and her trusty laptop have circled the globe, working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independent upstarts.  She first cut her teeth working with non-profit organizations and to this day has a special love for working with charities and festivals.  Together with her partner Boyan Pinter, she is one of the forces behind SPIKE – Bulgarian Music Showcase, Bulgaria’s first showcase festival and music conference, and its precursor SIMC – Sofia International Music Showcase.

The Drive Foundation is the perfect partner for this designer to use her skills and connections in service of the greater good.

“I am excited to join the Drive Foundation as part of the Board of Directors and put my skills and passion to work in sharing the Drive Foundation’s powerful message about the importance of speaking openly about mental health and addiction and supporting each other on our journeys.”

– Kayleigh Lebak