Don Graham Like a river, ever constant and ever moving, Don Graham and his music just keep rolling along. He was been signed to record labels, Gamma/Aquarius, MCA/ Kapp, Amber Records and is now on the EMG Collectives label. A track recorded at RCA in Toronto in the ‘70s was recently included on a compilation disc on Mexican Summer Records out of NYC. He has had songs recorded by Canadian legend Bobby Curtola, has written songs with Grammy nominated Grand Ole Opry star Michael Peterson and was signed to Irving Almo the same year as Eddie Schwarz and Bryan Adams. Don has recorded in Montreal, Toronto, Austin, Texas and most recently in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with legendary producer Norbert Putnam behind the board. He has performed all over North America as well as Norway, Sweden, Austria and France.

Last year Don’s song and video “You Can Count On Me” was featured in the global broadcast of the international Earth Celebration, Heal The Earth that featured artists ranging from Tommy James, David Pomeranz, Andy Kim and Murray McLauchlan. He opened for folk icon Eric Andersen, The Songpoet, and last month Eric personally requested Don to record a version of his song “The Hustler” for a recently released tribute album featuring the songs of Eric Andersen with contributions from Linda Ronstadt, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jackson Browne and Bob Dylan and many more. Don continues to perform and tour, and is presently writing songs for his new album.

“The life of a touring musician is not for the faint of heart. The music and performing is the easiest part of the job, it’s the in between hours that are the most difficult. The bright lights, cheering crowds and the rush of performing is in stark contrast to the down time. Hours spent in lonely hotel rooms with nothing but the silence of the room and your own thoughts can lead to anxiety and depression until the next “fix” the following night. There is no manual to guide you through it, so it’s important to develop coping skills and an understanding of the situation. The Drive Foundation is a great vehicle to help develop those skills in the artistic community.”

Don Graham