Steve Brown
Co-founder, Drive Foundation

It is with heavy hearts that we share news of the recent and unexpected passing of our dynamic, passionate and courageous colleague, the Drive Foundation’s co-founder, Steve Brown. 

Anyone fortunate enough to have spent time with Steve over the past decade would have heard first about his beloved family, and second about his quest to create a way to draw on his life-long career in music to somehow make the world a better place. 

And then Michelle reached out to Steve, they reconnected, and his quest began to come into focus and to jell. 

While collaborating and producing Michelle in the studio, Steve worked simultaneously with Michael to establish the Drive Foundation.  Collectively they drove rapid deployment of early programming successes for the Foundation, something Steve witnessed first hand and of which he was truly proud.

Steve spoke often about how Michelle’s voice and her story of personal challenge and triumph had a huge impact on him – and he was determined to harness the power of that impact for social good. 

He did just that.

The Drive Foundation’s Boards, in consultation with Steve’s family, are giving consideration to the very best way to honour and commemorate Steve. 

All donations made in Steve’s honour will be applied thusly.