Original Source: https://unisonfund.ca/blog/post/mental-health-soundcheck

Authors: Ace Piva is the Co-founder / Executive Director of Over The Bridge Tammy Francoeur is the Co-Founder/Director of Habitude Addiction and Wellness Programs

The sounds are loud, the lights are bright, and even in seemingly good times, unsupported mental health and bad lifestyle habits can start to take control of our lives. The tired trope of the tortured artist is often an excuse we use to hide behind our unhealthy behaviours and negative coping mechanisms, but eventually, its effects always catch up with us. As time progresses, mental health regresses and isolation becomes more common and more habitual. This concerning change in behaviour can often times become more obvious to everyone but ourselves.

For many musicians, it feels as if the world was hit with COVID-19 almost overnight. Artists from all around the world were forced to postpone or abandon tours and isolate. Physical distancing and staying at home was the right decision, however, isolation has left many musicians and road crew in limbo, and at a higher risk for a mental health crisis.

When we are forced to be alone, our emotions can plummet very quickly, and there are no sounds or bright lights to safeguard our mental and physical health. As self-isolation continues during these unprecedented times, it may be normal to experience feelings of increased anxiety, depression or anger.