Emerging Artists Exhibition

Growth through Artist Development

About the Program

This program is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating artists from all disciplines. The exhibition is presented as a series.

Donations raised will be used to produce the exhibition series and support the participating artists in the form of a bursary to promote the development of their unique practice.

Upcoming Exhibition

Date: TBA
Location: TBA
Artist: Angela Shaw

From her earliest years, Angela struggled with her identity and spent much of her days questioning her existence and longing for a life of warmth and normalcy. Her mind became a battleground for hateful thoughts that ultimately left her feeling alone and confused; barely able to understand who she was and the purpose for her being here.

Angela found alcohol in her first year of high school and as easily and smoothly as it went down, it ruined the years of her youth. From this point on, Angela led a life laced with alcohol and drug abuse. She engaged in toxic relationships, suffered four failed pregnancies, and staggered home drunk one evening only to find her father lying cold on the basement floor.

In a daze, she managed to find a twelve step program, for five years she battled this gripping and paralyzing disease. She was admitted to the psych ward, spiritless and feeling dead inside, but it was in this moment that her reconstruction began. Angela is proud to still be sober and well to this day. Sobriety now allows her to create art from a place of gratitude, peace, serenity, love and compassion.

“If I know anything about alcoholism, it’s this; I am not exempt from it tearing me apart. What I have come to understand is, whatever it is, this power, bigger than me, has graced me with over a year of sobriety and has freed me not only from my obsessions of alcohol but also my obsessions of self. It has given me new eyes and a new heart. No matter what happens, please, be the LOVE.” -- Angela