Harnessing the Healing Power of Music and Arts

About The Program

Under driveMEDIA; the Drive Foundation has embraced the benefits of music and art therapy in the healing of mental health and addiction issues. Featuring a series of events designed to offer a presentation platform to nurture artistic talents. With the help of entertainment industry professionals and through a strategic partnership with 12 Star Entertainment, driveMEDIA offers events and content development for distribution.

Helping people transition from therapy and treatment into budding artists with goals and opportunities

driveMEDIA offers an event series including:

  1. Emerging Artist Exhibit - an evening showcasing artists in recovery featuring live music, visual arts and film projects.
  2. In-Studio Performance - Hosted at a music recording studio and featuring prominent record producers in the studio ‘behind-the-board’ this event presents live performance/film screening in an intimate atmosphere 

  3. Stakeholders Symposium - The symposium brings together professionals in the fields of mental health and addiction, government/NGO representatives, and people who are in recovery to collaborate on issues and solutions