Harnessing the Healing Power of Music and Arts

About The Program

driveMEDIA; The Drive Foundation has employed the following three (3) powerful elements of media, music and the arts in its programs to support the purposes of the charity:

  1. Therapeutic music and arts programs; throughout the world, music and art therapy have proven to be an effective treatment in helping to heal people suffering from mental health and addiction issues.
    • The Drive Foundation brings together arts and media professionals with health care professionals specializing in music and art therapy to deliver a healing program that is fun, accessible, and most importantly effective.

    • The Drive Foundation organizes field trips to large and small entertainment shows/live performances in its 'Youth Chaperone Live Theatre/Performance Attendance' program. The program is designed to provide a positive and safe experience for youth at risk for therapeutic benefit. 

  2. Publicity and Promotion; music and the arts are a powerful vehicle for publicity and promotion when driven by entertainment industry professionals with proven experience producing and marketing artists and content that captures the attention fo the masses. 

    • The Drive Foundation has been created by media and cultural arts professionals and has strategic partnerships with for-profit companies that operate in the media business and is utilizing this podium to connect with the masses to drive awareness and participation from its target audience of people who need help and people who want to help.

Through a series of events and the development of content, The Drive Foundation will tap into the entertainment and media artist industry to enlist the leading professionals to use their fame to support our cause.

  3. Emerging Artists Development; The Drive Foundation is developing a program to work with people in recovery with a desire to pursue their talent in the arts and media business to assist with the transition from treatment and therapy into a stable and self-reliant occupation that pays a living wage. 

    • an 'Emerging Artists Exhibition' series is being produced by The Drive Foundation to provide a stage for program participants to develop their talent as a vocation.

    • participants in this program have an opportunity to contribute to the process of producing content mentioned in the above point in a series of audio and video productions.