The Drive Foundation brings its powerful message to Norrköping Music Day with the “Drive – The Road to Recovery” panel, a panel about mental health in the music industry and tools how to get recovery. Moderated by Peter Åstedt. (Drive Foundation Advisory Board Member) and with speakers Michelle Titian (Drive Foundation Co-Founder), Don Graham, Jeff Bova, Tony Valcic, and Boyan Pinter.

Norrköping Music Day was invented during Covid last year and is a smaller version of Future Echoes that takes place in February 2023. Norrköping Music Day was last year two days and had 20 acts on two stages. This year it’s one day with 4 acts and 10 speakers on 4 panels. The purpose of Norrköping Music Day which is a free event is to teach and inform how a showcase festival works. Here you can easy start a network and learn what is important to do on a showcase festival.