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The Drive Foundation’s mission is to employ music, the arts, and technology in its programs to accelerate the world’s transition to removing the stigma from mental illness and addiction and taking a holistic approach to the provision of care and prevention.

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(Aug. 1, 2022) Artist Michelle Titian’s story of hope and saving power

Anxiety, depression, alcohol, drug abuse or addiction, lack of sleep are some of the most common problems that those working in the music industry are prone to. Mental health is still a taboo subject, and the personal price paid by those who fail to find an escape from these problems is huge. We all know what it feels like to be unable to escape your own demons, but that’s far from true, and artist Michelle Titian is proof that there are solutions.

Michelle Titian is a world-class Canadian artist with a complicated life story of alcohol addiction. After years of alcoholism slowly destroying her relationships with others, her career and her own life, Michelle called it quits and took control of her own destiny. Now, in addition to her inspiring music, Titian has also created the Drive Foundation, a charity that inspires and helps people struggling with depression and addiction.

(May 9, 2022) – The Drive Foundation welcomes Sandy Graham to the Advisory Board for 2022-2023. Quoted as having one of the most diversified and interesting careers in the Canadian music industry, Sandy Graham is known as a trailblazer, who relishes in using her decade long career to uphold integrity and maintain a moral compass in a business that is known to have challenges on that level.

Various accolades in her career include being one of the first female Music Directors in Canadian radio, being the first female a major label hired in the Quebec market (RCA), a celebrated choreographer both in film and stage, a nightclub owner, an event producer, manager, strategist and consultant, the Drive Foundation is the perfect initiative for this driven and focused professional to help create awareness and exposure to a growing concern for mental health and addictions.

Currently an owner of two legendary music magazines, Cashbox Canada and Record World International, an on-air Host and Program Director of Cashbox Radio, and the founder and CEO of Entertainment Music Group (EMG CANADA), Sandy sees and experiences the daily challenges of working in a business that has one of the highest stress levels imaginable.

“Having been personally affected by loved ones suffering from alcoholism, mental health challenges along with my own personal anxiety, the Drive Foundation is such a wonderful opportunity for me to spread the word in my personal and professional world to shed light on this fast growing affliction on so many levels. The Drive Foundation, unlike so many other organizations, has a platform to address these issues while providing support and solutions. It is time to shake the stigma attached to these traits and issues that I feel most creative people (and others) suffer in silence. Together we can change that, moving forward to healthier happier lives through healing and support. I am honoured and humbled to join the Advisory Board of the Drive Foundation.


(May 9, 2022) – The Drive Foundation welcomes Peter Åstedt to the Advisory Board for 2022-2023. Peter has been working in the music industry for over 35 years and has developed a global community of colleagues through his extensive career. He has started record labels, distribution systems, publishing companies, developed promotional and marketing for artists, managed campaigns, having worked with the Top Ten most-streamed songs as well as had music on both the Olympics and Super Bowl. Peter currently runs several major showcase festivals while being an advisor for INES and co-founder of MusicHelp/Discover Sensation, with Future Echoes in Norrköping, Sweden, while holding the position of Station Manager of Cashbox Radio and journalist/managing partner for the legendary Record World International magazine.

“This is one of the biggest things that we never talk about in the music business, and how mental health and its effects on the creative world of not just the artists but the music professionals. I am excited to join the Advisory Board of the Drive Foundation to share my knowledge and contacts to further develop awareness of not just the growing concern of mental health and addiction, but the goal to provide tools for recovery and mental health.”

(February 1, 2022) – Nicole Brown Faulknor Welcomed to Board of Directors. The Drive Foundation is pleased to welcome Nicole Brown Faulknor to the Board of Directors. Nicole is both the Founder & CEO of Wounds 2 Wings Trauma + Psychotherapy Services and TEAO Canada (Trauma and Embodiment Association of Ontario), a Yoga Instructor, Registered Psychotherapist, Child and Youth Counsellor, Trauma Consultant, Author and Trauma Survivor. She is also a member of both the Colleges of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario and the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy with over 18 years of professional experience working with marginalized, vulnerable and oppressed communities, individuals, families and children. She has worked extensively with individuals and communities suffering from mental health, addictions, systemic poverty and profiling in order to therapeutically improve relationships with government programs and services.   


The Drive Foundation takes a 360-degree, holistic approach to support mental health to fight addiction through 3 programs:

driveMEDIA driveAIDdriveACADEMY


Harnessing the Healing Power Music and Art

Working with 12 Star Entertainment in a strategic partnership, driveMEDIA delivers programs geared to artists in recovery by offering the opportunity to showcase their work. The programs offered include:

  • Publicity, promotional and content creation programs to allow them to develop their talent as a vocation
  • Emerging Artists Exhibits
  • In-Studio Performances
  • A Symposium series to provide a forum for discussion and discovery among industry professionals and recovering addicts.



driveAID is a program designed to provide direct support for people, and/or their families, suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

You can contribute to driveAID by making a donation.



Identifying the important role that educated professionals have in curbing and assisting those suffering from mental health and addiction, the driveACADEMY was developed to support professional development in these fields.

Access to training and networking for health care and addiction professionals is offered to encourage continuing education. Applicants may apply for bursaries, be included in recruitment campaigns and enroll in accredited courses.