The Drive Foundation

supporting mental health to fight addiction

The Drive Foundation’s mission is to employ music, the arts, and technology in its programs to accelerate the world’s transition to removing the stigma from mental illness and addiction and taking a holistic approach to the provision of care and prevention.

About Us

Latest News:

The Drive Foundation provides finanical assistance to qualifying women in recovery to attend Somerset Recovery & Wellness Centre retreats through The Steve Brown Memorial Fund. The fund was established in memory of our founding partner Steve Brown who possessed a drive and passion to help those who are suffering and to regain hope for a brighter future.

Somerset Recovery & Wellness Centre is facilitating a safe space for women – offering a variety of workshops, recovery & wellness retreats, and treatment programs specifically designed to empower women who are seeking to grow, renew & connect in mind, body, and spirit.

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The Drive Foundation takes a 360-degree, holistic approach to supporting mental health to fight addiction through 3 programs:

driveMEDIA driveAIDdriveACADEMY


Harnessing the Healing Power Music and Art

Working with 12 Star Entertainment in a strategic partnership, driveMEDIA delivers programs geared to artists in recovery by offering the opportunity to showcase their work. The programs offered include:

  • Publicity, promotional and content creation programs to allow them to develop their talent as a vocation
  • Emerging Artists Exhibits
  • In-Studio Performances
  • A Symposium series to provide a forum for discussion and discovery among industry professionals and recovering addicts.



driveAID is a program designed to provide direct support for people, and/or their families, suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

You can contribute to driveAID by making a donation.



Identifying the important role that educated professionals have in curbing and assisting those suffering from mental health and addiction, the driveACADEMY was developed to support professional development in these fields.

Access to training and networking for health care and addiction professionals is offered to encourage continuing education. Applicants may apply for bursaries, be included in recruitment campaigns and enroll in accredited courses.