The Drive Foundation

supporting mental health to fight addiction

Why; The Inspiration for Drive Foundation

Founded by Michelle Titian and her producer Steve Brown, The Drive Foundation extends beyond the music and entertainment world. Michelle speaks openly and honestly about her struggles with alcohol abuse and depression. She shares her story in the hope of connecting with those who have and are currently struggling with mental illness(es) and addiction, working to dismantle the social stigmas around the realities of living a life consumed with addiction and psychological turmoil.

The Drive Foundation has been established out of this passionate and clear purpose of raising awareness and actively supporting all people, regardless of age, suffering and recovering from mental illness and addiction.


Our Mission

The Drive Foundation’s mission is to employ music, the arts, and technology in its programs to accelerate the world’s transition to removing the stigma from mental illness and addiction and taking a holistic approach to the provision of care and prevention.


Our Programs

The Drive Foundation’s current programs include the following:

  • driveMEDIA; employing media and cultural arts for therapeutic programs and as a publicity and promotions vehicle to raise awareness and donations to help people with mental illness and addiction (learn more)
  • driveAID; a virtual crisis resources assistant (learn more)
  • driveACADEMY; providing financial support for education benefitting people in recovery from addiction (learn more)

Our Strategic Partner

12 Star Entertainment is a Social Enterprise, a business venture that applies commercial strategies in the entertainment sector to maximize social impact alongside profits for external shareholders.

This Hybrid business model combines traditional for-profit business operations with fundraising activities where net proceeds are donated to charity through its strategic partnership with The Drive Foundation, a registered Canadian charity.